Monday, May 12, 2014

The final edition of Knop's Knotes

It is with considerable sadness that I announce that this will be the final post in Knop's Knotes. I started this blog in 2011 with the idea of tracking local sports, but its focused never was on anything but wrestling.
Since then you have logged on to check out results, my thoughts, photos and videos nearly 300,000 times. That's a staggering number, but considering the passion that Pennsylvania has for wrestling, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise.
As much as I've loved doing the blog, it is time for me to move on. Trying to be the editor of The Tribune-Democrat and live up to the standard that I tried to set with Knop's Knotes was a difficult task, but my addiction to wrestling and the kind comments of my readers kept me going.
I have accepted a new challenge, one that will take me far from the District 5 and 6 gymnasiums on cold winter nights. Beginning June 1, I will be a sports writer for West Hawaii Today, a small newspaper in Kailua-Kona on the western side of the Big Island of Hawaii.
When most people hear about the move, the first thing they ask is "Do they have wrestling there?"
Yes, they do. I checked before accepting the position. Actually, they have both boys and girls wrestling.
I know Hawaii doesn't have the caliber of wrestling that Pennsylvania does, but then again, no state does. So, sure I'll miss not seeing guys like Chance Marsteller, Jimmy Gulibon, John Rizzo and Nick Roberts. It's a treat to get paid to watch the best wrestlers in the nation compete.
But more than that, I'll miss the wonderful people that I've met over the past 33 years of being involved in western Pennsylvania. I often tell people that when Tami and I were first dating I took her to the Thomas tournament in Bedford (romantic, eh?). Between the entrance to the school and door to the gym, I had about five people stop and talk to me. After the fifth one, she turned to me and said "Do you know everyone here?"
Not quite, but it sure does feel good to know that I could walk into almost any gym between Meyersdale and Altoona and see a half-dozen or more people that I consider friends.
So, yes, I'll miss the sport. I'll miss the blog. But, most of all, I'll miss all of you.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Final results from Day of Southwest Regional tournament

Team standings and key: 1. Burrell (BUR) 98. 2. Jefferson-Morgan 90. 3. South Fayette (SF) 69. 4. Valley (VAL) 62. 5. Bedford (BD) 56.5 6T. Chestnut Ridge (CR) and Huntingdon (HU) 54. 8T. Cambria Heights (CAM), Penns Valley (PV) and Southmoreland 49. 11. Central Cambria (CC) 48. 12. Kittanning (KIT) 44.5. 13. South Park (SP) 43. 14. Berlin Brothersvalley (BB) and Blairsville (BL) 40. 16. Somerset (SO) 39.5. 17. Richland (RI) 39. Derry Area (DA) 35.5. 19. Meyersdale (MY) 33.5. 20. West Branch (WB) 21. United (UN) 28.5. 22. Chartiers-Houston (C-H) 26. 23. Avella (AV) and Mount Union (MU) 25. 25. Penn Cambria (PC) 24.5. 26. Bentworth (BENT) and Beth-Center (BC) 24. 28. HOPE for Hyndman (HY) 22. Burgettstown (BRG) 21. 30T. Ellwood City (EC), Forest Hills (FH) and Westmont Hilltop (WH) 20. 33T. Marion Center (MC) and South Allegheny (SA) 19. 35. Tyrone (TY) and Yough (YO) 17. 37. Freedom (FREE) and Northern Bedford (NB) 12. 39. Everett (EV) and North Star (NS) 11. 41. Jeannette (JNT) and West Greene (WG) 10. 43. Mount Pleasant (MP) and Highlands (HIGH) 9. 45. Moshannon Valley (MV) 8. 46. West Shamokin (WS) 5. 47. Juniata (JU) 4.5. 48T. Avonworth (AVON), Carlynton (CAR), Fort Cherry (FC), Keystone Oaks (KO) 2 and South Side Beaver (SSB) 2. 53. Laurel (LRL) 1. 54T. Central, Conemaugh Township (CT), Tussey Mountain (TM), Washington (WASH) 0. 58. Ligonier Valley (LV) minus-1.

106-Max Murin, CC, dec. Nolan Link, PC, 2-0.
113-Austin Griffiths, SM, dec. Austin McDermitt, BRG, 7-1.
120-George Phillippi, DA, dec. Triston Law, FH, 8-2.
126-John Demaske, JM, dec. Patrick Dewitt, VAL, 4-2.
132-Mike Carr, SF, dec. John Andrejcik, BUR, 5-0.
138-Jake Wentzel, SP, pinned Jason Miller, JM, 3:30.
145-Jason Nolf, KIT, pinned Corey Fallaroni, BUR, 2:58.
152-Steve Edwards, BUR, dec. Drew Doak, BL, 3-2 (UTB).
160-J.J. Walker, SF, dec. Levi Niebauer, CAM, 2-0.
170-Corey Hazel, PV, pinned Bill Bowlen, JM, 3:05.
182-Terrell Fields, VAL, dec. Scott Thompson, BL, 7-3.
195-James Bennett, HY, dec. Tyler Oliver, UN, 3-2.
220-Jake Temple, AV, dec. Buzzy Maines, WB, 3-2 (UTB).
285-Allan Beattie, BUR, dec. Jake Beistel, SM, 3-0.

Third-Place Matches
106-Dallas Bulsak, SP, dec. Aaron Burkett, CR, 4-2.
113-Logan Blackburn, WH, medical forfeit over Jon Gabriel, BD.
120-Curtis Decker, PV, pinned Sage Moist, MU, :28.
126-Tom Opdenhoff, CC, maj. dec. Stone Kepple, DA, 4-0.
132-Ryan Easter, BD, inj. def. over Devon Green, HU, 1:29.
138-Garrett Thomas, BD, dec. Richie McGinnis, C-H, 2-0.
145-Nick Naglic, RI, dec. Jacob Oliver, HU, 3-1.
152-Grant Fetchet, SF, dec. Taylore Cahill, BB, 9-4.
160-Nico Brown, BC, dec. Ryan Zalar, JM, 1-0.
170-Nico Pecora, RI, dec. Landon Lohr, SO, 5-4.
182-Gavin Berkley, MY, dec. Conner Buttry, CR, 6-2.
195-Marcus Davenport, VAL, dec. Brad Greinnen, EC, 7-2.
220-Jacob Robb, KIT, dec. Seth Hitchens, SA, 4-2.
285-Austin Buttry, CR, dec. Austin Gill, CAM, 2-1.

Fifth-Place Matches
106-Hunter Neely, BENT, dec. Quinn Col, SO, 5-0.
113-Collin Glorioso, HU, dec. Brendan Howard, JM, 6-4.
120-Joe Swank, BB, dec. Kody Komara, FREE, 4-0.
126-Joe Davis, CAM, dec. Adam George, RI, 5-4.
132-Austin Hemminger, SO, dec. Tanner Hetrick, MY, 5-4.
138-Gio Vonne Sanders, JNT, dec. Brandon Heberling, MC, 6-4 (OT).
145-Tony Welsh, BC, dec. Isaac Stewart, MC, 7-2.
152-Nolan Wise, HIGH, dec. Tevin Mostoller, NS, 6-4.
160-Bryce Fochtman, BB, dec. Dylan Smith, MU, 6-3.
170-Derek Hull, C-H, dec. Lucas Kolinchak, NB, 4-2.
182-Dalton Wildman, WG, dec. Chance Williams, BD, 3-2.
195-Jared Beckwith, TY, forfeit.
220-Tom Sever, YO, dec. Seth McLendon, UN, 2-1.
285-Devin Reed, EV, dec. Jack Bunnell, MV, 7-2.

106-Link, PC, pinned Burkett, CR, 5:01; Murin, CC, dec. Bulsak, SP, 6-2.
113-Griffiths, SM, dec. Glorioso, HU, 2-1; McDermitt, BURG, dec. Gabriel, BD, 7-4.
120-Phillippi, DA, tech. fall Moist, MU, 17-0 (3:37); Law, FH, dec. Swank, BB, 3-1.
126-Demaske, JM, pinned Davis, CH, 2:52; Dewitt, VAL, dec. George, RI, 1-0.
132-Carr, SF, dec. Hetrick, MY, 3-0; Andrejcik, BUR, maj. dec. Green, 13-4.
138-Wentzel, SP, dec. Thomas, BD, 5-0; Miller, JM, dec. McGinnis, C-H, 5-1.
145-Nolf, KIT, pinned Stewart, MC, 1:52; Falleroni, BUR, pinned Oliver, HU, 3:05.
152-Edwards, BUR, dec. Wise, 11-5; Doak, BL, dec. Fetchet, SF, 3-1.
160-Walker, SF, dec. Brown, 3-0; Niebauer, CAM, dec. Fochtman, BB, 5-2.
170-Hazel, PV, dec. Kolinchak, NB, 6-0; Bowlen, JM, dec. Pecora, RI, 1-0.
182-Thompson, BL, pinned Buttry, MY, 4:29; Fields, VAL, pinned Berkley, MY, 1:23.
195-Oliver, UN, pinned Grinnen, EC, 4:19; Bennett, HY, dec. Beckwith, TY, 2-1.
220-Temple, AV, tech. fall Hitchens, SA, 16-0 (4:05); Maines, WB, dec. Robb, KIT, 6-5.
285-Beattie, BUR, pinned Reed, EV, 2:48; Beistel, SM, dec. Buttry, CR, 4-3.

Consolation Semifinals
106-Burkett, CR, pinned Cole, SO, 1:44; Bulsak, SP, dec. Neely, BENT, 5-1.
113-Blackburn, WH, dec. Glorioso, HU, 4-2 (OT); Gabriel, BD, dec. Howard, JM, 5-4.
120-Moist, MU, dec. Komara, FREE, 7-0; Decker, PV, dec. Swank, BB, 4-3.
126-Kepple, DA, dec. Davis, CAM, 4-0; Opdenhoff, CC, dec. George, RI, 3-0.
132-Easter, BD, dec. Hetrick, MY, 3-2 (TB); Green, HU, dec. Hemminger, SO, 11-7.
138-Thomas, BD, dec. Heberling, MC, 8-4; McGinnis, C-H, dec. Sanders, JNT, 5-3.
145-Naglic, RI, pinned Stewart, MC, 2:35; Oliver, HU, maj. dec. Welsh, BC, 12-0.
152-Cahill, BB, pinned Wise, HIGH, 2:05; Fetchet, SF, pinned Mostoller, NS, 1:41
160-Brown, BC, dec. Smith, MU, 2-1 (OT); Zalar, JM, pinned Fochtman, BB, 1:37.
170-Lohr, SO, dec. Kolinchak, NB, 5-4; Pecora, RI, dec. Hull, C-H, 3-1 (OT).
182-Buttry, CR, dec. Williams, BD, 2-0; Berkley, MY, pinned Wildman, WG, :50.
195-Grinnen, EC, by flagrant misconduct over Phil Kyle, MU, 4:10; Davenport, VAL, dec. Beckwith, 3-1.
220-Hitchens, SA, dec. McLendon, UN, 4-1; Robb, KIT, maj. dec. Sever, YO, 12-0.
285-Gill, CAM, dec. Reed, EV, 6-2; Buttry, CR, pinned Bunnell, MV, 2:43.

Third-Round Consolations
106-Cole, SO, dec. Joseph Couteret, WB, 8-2; Neely, BENT, maj. dec. Cole Lambie, SM, 12-3.
113-Blackburn, WH, dec. Ian Ostrowski, CC, 6-3; Howard, JM, dec. Noah Stoke, SA, 8-3.
120-Komara, FREE, dec. Jake Rothka, BENT, 7-4; Decker, PV, dec. Justo Herndandez, SA, 7-2.
126-Kepple, DA, dec. Matt Vickless, BENT, 2-1 (OT); Opdenhoff, CC, dec. Jake Boozel, MU, 8-2.
132-Easter, BD, dec. Darion Trimmer, AV, 6-0; Hemminger, SO, dec. Aleic Hunter, TY, 9-4.
138-Heberling, MC, pinned Derrick Claar, CR, 4:43; Sanders, JNT, dec. Jon Fabian, SO, 1-0.
145-Naglic, RI, maj. dec. Austin Mears, MP, 12-0; Welsh, BC, dec. Brett Beltz, SF, 4-3.
152-Cahill, BB, dec. Greg Bulsak, SP, 2-1; Mostoller, NS, dec. Jon Wagner, HU, 4-3.
160-Smith, MU, maj. dec. Derrick Beattie, BUR, 13-3; Zalar, JM, dec. Derek Beitz, JU, 1-0.
170-Lohr, SO, dec. Logan Fisher, HU, 9-2; Hull, C-H, dec. Lucas Richardson, YO, 6-1.
182-Williams, BD, dec. Matt Norris, HU, 4-2; Wildman, WG, dec. Brendon Glover, WS, 5-1.
195-Kyle, MU, dec. Phil Kyle, MU, 5-1; Davenport, VAL, maj. dec. Robert Scherer, BUR, 13-4.
220-McLendon, UN, dec. Ty Smith, MY, 3-2; Sever, YO, pinned Trevor McIntyre, FC, 1:17.
285-Gill, CAM, pinned Ian Wolfe, JM, 2:54; Bunnell, MV, dec. Mason Shumaker, BENT, 7-3.