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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How can you NOT root for this kid?

I don't know Jake Beistel.
I've never seen in wrestle.
I'd never even heard of him until about five minutes ago.
But he's quickly become a guy that I'd love to see do well.
He's a freshman heavyweight at Southmoreland, and he's off to a pretty good start at 5-0 with a Chartiers-Houston tournament title under his belt.
But it's what he's doing to help others that makes him such a great story.
I won't recap much of it here, because Ken Wunderley did such a nice job of it in the Post-Gazette, but Beistel is raising money for his school's autistic support program that (in some cases) is dependent on how many wins he can pile up. It's a great cause and a great story BUT, it's not the first time Beistel has done something like this.
Read all the way to the end of the story. You'll be glad you did.
And, I'll bet if you see him at the Southmoreland tournament next weekend or maybe even at the Southwest Regional Tournament in Johnstown in a few months, you'll be rooting for him.

Just saw this info on Facebook (thanks to Bob Lichtenfels for sharing the story and the info):
Per Dave Alt: For those of you wanting to help Jake achieve his goal all you have to do is mail a check payable to the SES Activity Fund with a note that your donation is for Autism Speaks. Mail it to Southmoreland Elementary School, Attn: Leah Govi, 100 Scottie Way, Scottdale, PA 15683. If you would rather sponsor him per match please contact Leah Govi at 724-887-2020 or you can email her at

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