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Saturday, December 22, 2012

WestPAC Tournament results

I wasn't able to attend the WestPAC Tournament on Friday morning/afternoon at North Star, so I didn't get a chance to type in results as it went, as I normally do at an event. That makes it much harder to catch up on full results later. So, at this time, I only have individual champions. (It is a pool tournament, so there really are no finals.) If I get a chance, I'll type in full results, but I have a lot of other stuff to do first.
Despite not seeing any wrestling, I was able to talk to some coaches to put together a story on the tournament.

106-Trevor Thomas, Meyersdale.
113-Billy Charlton, Meyersdale.
120-Joey Swank, Berlin Brothersvalley.
126-Collin Day, Meyersdale.
132-Chris Miller, Berlin Brothersvalley.
138-Tevin Mostoller, North Star.
145-Tanner Cahill, Conemaugh Township.
152-Taylor Cahill, Conemaugh Township.
160-Bryce Fochtman, Berlin Brothersvalley.
170-Cody Kephart, Portage.
182-Gavin Berkley, Meyersdale.
195-Stew Trulick, Berlin Brothersvalley.
220-Levi Albright, North Star.
285-Justin Dunmyer, Meyersdale.

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