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Saturday, February 23, 2013

District 5 Day 2 - Updated to finals

It was a rough night of trying to write stories followed by a day where I didn't feel well, so it's taken awhile to update everything on here. I did a notebook on some of the third-place finishers as well as my story on the finals.

Team standings
1. Chestnut Ridge (CR) 194.
2. Bedford (BD) 162.5.
3. Berlin Brothersvalley (BB) 137.
4. Meyersdale (MY) 135.
5. Somerset (SO) 102.5.
6. Northern Bedford (NB) 94.
7. Conemaugh Township (CT) 83.
8. Hyndman (HY) 76.
9. North Star (NS) 57.
10. Tussey Mountain (TM) 44.
11. Everett (EV) 28.
12. Shade (SH) 7.

106-Jon Gabriel, BD, dec. Aaron Burkett, CR, 6-0.

113-Billy Charlton, MY, dec. Blake Dunlap, 8-4.

120-Ryan Easter, BD, dec. Joe Swank, BD, 5-0.

126-Garrett Thomas, BD, dec. Trent Crouse, CR, 6-4.

132-Chris Miller, BB, dec. Mason Replogle, NB, 5-4.

138-Toby Brett, BD, dec. Damian Corle, NB, 14-8.

145-Tanner Cahill, CT, pinned Drew Gartland, NB, 6:25.

152-Tanner Williams, BD, dec. Taylor Cahill, CT, 4-2 (OT).

160-Bryce Fochtman, BB, dec. Landon Lohr, SO, 8-4 (TB).

170-Tyler Dibert, CR, dec. Caleb Grimes, BD, 8-2

182-Gavin Berkley, MY, dec. Michael Brett, BD, 7-2.

195-Dan Albright, CR, pinned Shad Brumbaugh, TM, 2:57.

220-James Bennett, HY, dec. Brad Winegardner, CR, 4-1 (TB).

285-Mitchell Hall, TM, dec. Austin Buttry, CR, 4-2 (OT).

Consolation finals
106-Trey Childers, NB, maj. dec. Dalton Klotz, EV, 13-2.

113-Garret Foster, SO, dec. Robby Snyder, HY, 6-1.

120-Derrick Claar, CR, pinned Kody Ofsanko, CT, 1:48.

126-Collin Day, MY, dec. Sheldon Wagner, SO, 3-0.

132-Tanner Hetrick, MY, pinned Jon Fabian, SO, 4:43.

138-Braden Fochtman, BB, dec. Tevin Mostoller, NS, 9-3.

145-Seth Deist, MY, dec. Kyle Winegardner, CR, 7-1.

152-Corey Fritch, NS, dec. Blake Miller, BB, 9-4.

160-Bradie Bollman, CR, dec. Richard Moskey, HY, 8-4.

170-Billy Dunbar, MY, maj. dec. Duelin Douglas, NB, 10-2.

182-Logan Eller, SO, pinned Hunter Connor, NS, 4:17.

195-Jacob Nickelson, SO, dec. Stew Trulick, BB, 8-6.

220-Mitchell Walker, BB, dec. Ty Smith, MY, 3-1.

285-Dylan Emerick, HY, pinned Anthony Collins, BB, 3:39.

Consolation Semifinals
106-Klotz, EV, dec. Trevor Thomas, EV, 1-0; Childeres, NB, maj. dec. Tanner Clites, 10-0.

113-Snyder, HY, dec. Jake Warren, BD, 5-1; Foster, SO, pinned Tommy DeArmitt, 4:33.

120-Claar, CR, pinned Jared Helsley, NB, :43; Ofsanko, CT, dec. Brady McKenzie, 4-2.

126-Day, MY, pinned E.J. Custer, 4:54; Wagner, SO, maj. dec. Fredric Weimert, 11-2.

132-Hetrick, MY, dec. Matt BridgMe, CT, 3-2; Fabian, SO, maj. dec. Mike Manges, SH, 11-2.

138-Mostoller, NS, maj. dec. Jerimiah Zimmerman, CR, 10-2; Fochtman, BB, pinned Hunter Lantz, :53.

145-Deist, MY, maj. dec. Eric Darr, BB, 13-3; Winegardner, CR, dec. Mike Laue, SO, 5-3 (OT).

152-Miller, BB, dec. Conner Buttry, CR, 14-8; Fritch, NS, dec. Ejai Rock, EV, 5-3.

160-Bollman, dec. Ryan Grosik, CT, 9-2; Moskey, HY, dec. Austin Connor, NS, 2-1.

170-Dunbar, MY, dec. Steven Miller, HY, 9-4; Douglas, NB, dec. Ryan Shifflett, CT, 2-1.

182-Connor, NS, dec. Justin Brunner, NB, 5-1; Eller, SO, pinned Shane Pepper, BB, 2:40.

195-Trulick, BB, pinned Robert Minnich, BD, 1:42; Nickelson, SO, pinned Kevin Horner, NS, :50.

220-Smith, MY, dec. Levi Albright, NS, 13-6; Walker, BB, dec. Eli Claycomb, EV, 5-0.

285-Emerick, HY, pinned Ben Shaw, CT, 1:31; Collins, BB, pinned Chase Ott, NB, :43.

106-Gabriel, BD, pinned Childers, NB, 1:24; Burkett, CR, pinned Klotz, EV, 3:28.

113-Charlton, MY, maj. dec. Foster, SO, 16-6; Dunlap, CR, dec. Warren, BD, 6-0.

120-Easter, BD, pinned Ofsanko, CT, 2:57; Swank, BB, dec. Claar, CR, 8-3.

126-Thomas, BD, pinned Wagner, SO, 4:21; Crouse, CR, pinned Day, MY, 1:58.

132-Miller, BB, dec. Wagner, So, 6-0; Replogle, NB, maj. dec. Hetrick, MY, 9-1.

138-Brett, BD, dec. Fochtman, BB, 7-5; Corle, NB, dec. Mostoller, NS, 6-3.

145-Gartland, NB, dec. Laue, SO, 7-1; Cahill, CT, dec. Deist, MY, 8-2

152-Williams, BD, dec. Fritch, NS, 8-2; Cahill, CT, dec. Buttry, CR, 10-4.

160-Fochtman, BB, dec. Moskey, HY, 7-3; Lohr, SO, dec. Bollman, CR, 6-5.

170-Dibert, CR, pinned Douglas, NB, 1:17; Grimes, BD, dec. Dunbar, MY, 11-7 (TB).

182-Berkley, MY, maj. dec. Eller, SO, 10-2; Brett, BD, pinned Connor, NS, 4:30.

195-Brumbaugh, TM, pinned Nickelson, SO, 2:42; Albright, CR, pinned Trulick, BB, 4:38.

220-Bennett, HY, dec. Walker, BB, 3-2; Winegardner, CR, dec. Albright, NS, 3-2 (TB).

285-Hall, TM, pinned Collins, BB, 1:00; Buttry, CR, pinned Emerick, HY, 2:15.

Consolation quarterfinals
106-Thomas, MY, dec. Kat Luteri, SO, 7-5; Cllites, HY, pinned Lenny Beeman, MY, 1:46.

113-Snyder, HY, bye; DeArmitt, BB, pinned Stover, EV, 2:30.

120-Helsley, NB, pinned Tayte Mostoller, NS, 4:26; McKenzie, MY, dec. Damian Jano, SO, 5-0.

126-Custer, BB, pinned David Dietz, SH, :36; Weimert, TM, dec. Judah Gochnour, NB, 6-1.

132-Bridge, CT, pinned Chris Gibbner, HY, 2:59; Manges, SH, dec. Colby Hillegass, CR, 8-4.

138-Zimmerman, CR, dec. Casey Berchick, CT, 9-2; Lantz, MY, maj. dec. Shayne Rininger, EV, 13-2.

145-Darr, BB, dec. Luke Lepley, NS, 6-0; Winegardner, CR, dec. Quinn Barnett, TM, 7-3.

152-Miller, BB, pinned Tyler Clites, HY, 1:50; Rock, EV, dec. Tim Hines, MY, 4-3.

160-Grosik, CT, dec. Lucas Kolinchak, NB, 4-0; Connor, NS, maj. dec. Wyatt Brumbaugh, TM, 9-0.

170-Miller, HY, pinned Thomas Hocket, SO, 3:13; Shifflett, CT, dec. Thomas Miller, NS, 8-3.

182-Brunner, NB, dec. Teddy Albright, CR, 7-5; Pepper, BB, maj. dec. Andrew Gowarty, CT, 9-1.

195-Minnich, BD, inj. forfeit over Derick Eichelberger, NB; Horner, NS, pinned Brandon Bittinger, EV, :52.

220-Smith, MY, pinned Trevor Brown, SH, 2:42; Claycomb, EV, dec. Chance Williams, BD, 3-2.

285-Shaw, CT, pinned Justin Easter, BD, 1:47; Ott, NB, pinned Cody Edwards, SH, 2:15.

Semifinals commentary:
106 - Not much of a contest in either one. Gabriel had a quick takedown and a first-period pin. Burkett was up at least 7-0 before his fall.

113- Charlton was close to going to his back once or twice, but in control throughout. Lots of blood time in the Dunlap-Warren match. Was 2-0 before Dunlap broke it open in third.

120-Easter was up 4-0 in first, extended lead to 6-0 or 7-0 before getting pin. Swank wrestled a smart match, making it almost entirely a neutral battle and he won that battle, getting four takedowns to just three escapes for Claar. No gunslinger celebration, this time, though.

126-We've got our first bit of controversy here. Crouse pinned Day with 2 seconds left in the first period. Day vehemently disagreed. Day actually took Crouse down in the first 15 seconds, but just as quickly gave up a reversal. He looked like he was about to escape in the closing seconds, but Crouse took him to his back. I thought Day had a shoulder off the mat and he seemed to be content to hang there (which would seem to reinforce my belief) and wait out the period. Day was completely stunned when Beach hit the mat. I suppose the moral of the story is, don't hang out on your back. In the other match, Thomas was up 5-0 in the third when he pinned Wagner.

132-A bit of a surprise, as Replogle handled Hetrick. The Meyersdale wrestler was close to an opening takedown, but Replogle took an injury time. After that, it was all Replogle. Miller was only leading 1-0 in the third against Fabian, but he dominated from the top position in the final period. This is mostly about the semis, but a big upset in the consolation round, as Shade's Mike Manges beat Chestnut Ridge's Colby Hillegass.

138-Brett had to hang on in the closing seconds here. Fochtman was behind in him on the boundary, but couldn't bring him down. Brett capitalized on a couple of bad shots by Fochtman for the close win. Mostoller  got a reversal at one point and nearly put Corle on his back. Other than that, Corle looked to be in control.

145-Gartland had at least two takedowns and was in control throughout. Cahill set the school record for victories with this one, although it was anything but easy. It was 3-1 in the third before he hit a headlock for 5 points. Now he'll get the rematch he wanted with Gartland.

152-Williams was in control throughout. I think he rode him out in the third. Cahill-Buttry was close for much of the match, but Cahill started to open it up in the third. He was solid on his feet.

160-Fochtman gave up the first takedown and nearly went to his back on a headlock, but came back with a reversal. He could have been called for a slam in taking Moskey to his back in a move that resulted in three nearfall points.Moskey still had a chance at 5-3 in the third, but Fochtman scored the final takedown. In the other match, Bollman led 4-3 after one, but Lohr got an escape and a reversal to make it 6-4 after two. Bollman escaped in the third but couldn't come up with the takedown he needed.

170-Quick pin for Dibert, who is one win away his fourth District 5 title. Grimes had been up 5-0, but Dunbar ditched the mask he had been wearing and rallied to tie it at 6 thanks to two third-period takedowns.  A wild scramble in OT, as Dunbar tried a spladle and Grimes somehow funked out of it. Grimes tilted him in first tiebreaker, but Dunbar then escaped. Dunbar gave him escape to start second tiebreaker. Dunbar forced a lateral drop with 10 seconds left and Grimes fought it off for the wild win.

182-Berkley put in a workmanlike effort, turning a 2-0 lead after one period into an 8-1 margin by the third. Brett looked like he was going to get a quick pin, but nearly ended up on his own back after a reversal by Connor. Brett eventually pinned him with a cradle.

195-Absolute stunner here. Nickelson was 24-1 while Brumbaugh was 14-8. The first period was scoreless but I figured that once Nickelson got on top he'd lock up a cradle and it would be all over. He got a second period reversal and did lock up the cradle, but he tried to roll across with it, Brumbaugh stopped the momentum, broke the cradle and clamped on a headlock. It didn't go much further than that. It looked like Nickelson was clearly pinned. On the other side of the bracket, Albright was in a 3-3 match with Trulick in the third. Albright stood up and, for some unknown reason, Trulick tried a high-risk lateral drop, ended up on his back and got pinned.

220-Bennett scored a first-period takedown. I didn't see it but I heard the Berlin fans complaining that it shouldn't have been. After that, I think it was just escapes for each guy. Winegardner-Albright also didn't feature much action. Albright locked his hands in the second tiebreaker to tie it. Then Winegardner escaped and held off Albright's attempts for a 3-2 win.

285-Both matches were pretty quick and neither contained any surprises. I didn't see it, but Ryan Spring said that Emerick had to be helped off the mat.

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