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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Forest Hills supporters seeking voice

I found the following on my Facebook page earlier today. Given my job, I don't really feel it's appropriate for me to comment on it, but I would like to share it with the wrestling community, as I had not heard anythinga bout this.

Hey FB family and wrestling fans, We need your help! PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!!!!
Forest Hills is breaking ground for the NEW school in December. We have found out that there is NO Wrestling Room in the remodeling plans. We realize that if they do not add a Wrestling Room on to this NEW school NOW, that the Forest Hills Wrestling Team will be without A Wrestling Room for a very long time.
After checking all the schools in District 6, we found that there are only 2 schools out of 34 that DO NOT have a Wrestling Room for their Wrestling Team. Forest Hills is one of them!!
Also, in District 5 EVERY school has a Wrestling Room for their Wrestling Team!
We believe this is UNACCEPTABLE!
On Wednesday, February 13th there is a school board meeting. We are asking you to gather all your family, friends and neighbors to be at the Elementary parking lot at 5:45 to show your support for the Wrestling Team. Please come and show these young men, in grades K to 12, that they are deserving of a room to practice the sport they have come to love.
We are counting on all of you to spread the word and help a deserving cause.
Thank you, fans of a great sport!

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