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Saturday, February 25, 2012

District 5 Day 1 Recap and lookahead

You can find the updated brackets here.
I covered the tournament for The Tribune-Democrat, but I'll do a quick recap of the weights and a look ahead to the semifinals, which begin at 10 a.m., here:

This weight was a sign of things to come for Meyersdale and Somerset, as the Red Raiders' Brady McKenzie -the sixth seed - pinned the Golden Eagles' third-seeded Garret Foster in a match that Foster was leading 6-1 at one point. The rest of the seeds held true.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Claar (CR) vs. 4. DeArmitt (BB); 6. McKenzie (MY) vs. 2. Guyer (NB).

Another Golden Eagle fell to a lower-seeded wrestler here, as Conemaugh Township's Kody Ofsanko beat Damian Jano in a 4-5 matchup, although I'm not sure I really consider that an upset. The semifinal in the bottom half of the bracket should be one of the highlights of the morning session.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Easter (BD) vs. Ofsanko (CT); 3. Replogle (NB) vs. Crouse (CR).

The top four seeds held true here, although there was more misery for Somerset. Sheldon Wagner was sick and couldn't make weight, so the Golden Eagles won't pick up any points here.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Roberts (NS) vs. 4. Day (MY); 3. Thomas (BD) vs. 2. Miller (BB).

The top four advanced, but still found a way to surprise me. I expected No. 4 Brady Logsdon of Hyndman vs. No. 5 E.J. Custer of Berlin to be the best match of the quarterfinals. I knew Logsdon had pinned Custer in 26 seconds in the dual meet, but figured this would be a much better test. Well, at least it took 12 seconds longer this time. Logsdon pinned him again. I didn't get a chance to see Toby Brett, who I've heard has stitches in his hand. If so, it didn't seem to affect him in a first-period pin of Somerset's Tyler Walker.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Pfaunmiller (CR) vs. 4. Logsdon; 3. Hetrick (MY) vs. 2. Brett (BD).

Conemaugh Township's Krist Knotts made a name for himself in the Thomas Tournament by pinning second-seeded Kody Osselburn of Northern Garrett in that event. He enhanced his reputation on Friday by pinning third-seeded Jon Fabian of - you guessed it - Somerset. The sixth-seeded Knotts, who wasn't able to build on his big win in Bedford, gets Northern Bedford's Damian Corle this morning. There was a minor upset in the top half of the bracket as well, with North Star's Tevin Mostoller, the fifth seed, pinning No. 4 Josh Corbin of Tussey Mountain.
Semifinal matchups: 1. McKenzie (MY) vs. 5. Mostoller (NS); 6. Knotts (CT) vs. 2. Corle (NB).

Think there were some early upsets? You ain't seen nuthin' yet. This weight was all about the upset. Top-seeded Drew Gartland of Northern Bedford was the only one of the top four to make it out unscathed. Second-seeded Mike Laue of Somerset lost 4-3 to Everett's Ejai Rock on a stalling call in overtime in the biggest upset of the night. Moments before that, fifth-seeded Zach Dudek of Bedford beat No. 4 Taylor Cahill of Conemaugh Township and No. 6 Seth Deist knocked off third-seeded Blake Miller of Berlin after having lost to him twice in the regular season. That means either Deist or Rock is guaranteed a spot at regionals while Laue, Miller and Cahill are left to battle it out in the consis. At least two of those three will see their season end today.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Gartland (NB) vs. 5. Dudek (BD); 6. Deist (MY) vs. 7. Rock (EV).

Somerset was finally on the right end of an upset, even if it was only a minor one. Landon Lohr scored five third-period points for a 7-2 victory over fourth-seeded Cody Gibbner of Everett. The rest of the seeds held true here.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Cahill (CT) vs. 5. Lohr (SO); 3. Eichelberger (EV) vs. 2. Fochtman (BB).

Pretty straightforward here. The top four all advance, making for some great semifinal pairings.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Berchick (CT) vs. 4. Revak (NS); 3. Darr (SO) vs. 2. Otten (SH).

No surprises as all four top seeds advanced, all with pretty solid efforts.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Sutton (SO) vs. 4. Berkley (MY); 3. Bollman (CR) vs. 2. Sollenberger (NB).

More of the same here, as the top four advanced. Bedford's Cody Yingling, the third seed, looked like he was going to make it interesting for awhile. He trailed No. 6 Neil Yoder of North Star 4-2 in the second period, but Yingling turned up the pressure on top and cruised to a 16-4 victory.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Dibert (CR) vs. 4. Gibbons (EV); 3. Yingling (BD) vs. 2. Dunbar (MY).

The biggest surprise here was how nobody seemed to want the third seed. Max Strasiser of North Star held that spot in the bracket that I got at the beginning of the week but dropped out to concentrate on his training for the Navy SEALS program. Shade's Phil Aikey moved up to the third seed, but he pulled out yesterday as well. Not sure exactly why on that, but I know that he also had missed some time at the end of the regular season. The beneficiary was Chestnut Ridge's Matt Dull, who vaulted to a third seed. He and the rest of the top four took care of business in the quarters.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Brett (BD) vs. 4. Sterling (EV); 3. Dull (CR) vs. 2. Nickelson (SO).

The top four do it again. My upset special pick - No. 7 Eric Grace of Northern Bedford over No. 2 Jon Baer of Somerset - didn't happen. Baer made a third-period escape hold up until the final seconds, when he added a takedown off a Grace shot for a 3-0 victory.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Albright (CR) vs. 4. Benedict (NS); 3. Drenner (CT) vs. 2. Baer (SO).

There was a slight upset in the top of the bracket, as No. 5 Pat Blough of Somerset pinned No. 4 Eli Claycomb of Everett, but the top three seeds advanced.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Krupa (BD) vs. 5. Blough (SO); 3. Bennett (HY) vs. 2. Craig (BB).

Another 4-5 upset here, as Tussey Mountain's Mitchell Hall pinned No. 4 Dylan Emerick of Hyndman. The top three didn't face any such problems.
Semifinal matchups: 1. Hixson (NB) vs. 5. Hall (TM); 3. Buttry (CR) vs. 2. Hayman (SO).

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