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Saturday, February 25, 2012

District 5 Day 2 results

It's hard to keep up with results on here, as I'm also hosting a live chat at, but I've finally gotten caught up. I'll try to update them as I can.

106-Claar, CR, pinned DeArmitt, BB, 1:45; Guyer, NB, pinned McKenzie, MY, 5:02.
113-Easter, BD, pinned Ofsanko, CT, 2:52; Crouse, CR, dec. Replogle, NB, 7-0.
120-Roberts, NS, tech. fall Day, MY, 17-2 (4:47); Thomas, BD, dec. Miller, BB, 7-2.
126-Pfaunmiller, CR, pinned Logsdon, HY, 3:23; Brett, BD, dec. Hetrick, MY, 8-1.
132-McKenzie, MY, dec. Mostoller, NS, 7-5; Corle, NB, pinned Knotts, CT, 2:51.
138-Gartland, NB, pinned Dudek, BD, 1:05; Deist, MY, dec. Rock, EV, 4-0.
145-Cahill, CT, dec. Lohr, SO, 8-2; Fochtman, BB, dec. Eichelberger, EV, 11-8.
152-Berchick, CT, dec. Revak, NS, 7-2; Darr, SO, dec. Otten, SH, 2-1.
160-Sutton, SO, dec. Berkley, MY, 4-2; Bollman, CR, dec. Sollenberger, NB, 5-1.
170-Dibert, CR, maj. dec. Gibbons, EV, 12-2; Yingling, BD, dec. Billy Dunbar, MY, 15-8.
182-Brett, BD, maj. dec. Sterling, EV, 14-0; Nickelson, SO, pinned Dull, CR, 1:14.
195-Albright, CR, pinned Benedict, NS, 5:01; Drenner, CT, dec. Baer, SO, 3-1.
220-Krupa, BD, pinned Blough, SO, 2:52; Craig, BB, dec. Bennett, HY, 7-2.
285-Hixson, NB, pinned Hall, TM, 4:28; Hayman, SO, dec. Buttry, CR, 3-2.

Consolation Semifinals

106-Warren, BD, pinned Brady McKenzie, MY, 2:11; Foster, SO, dec. Tommy DeArmitt, BB, 11-5.
113-Replogle, NB, pinned Damian Jano, SO, 2:47; Ofsanko, CT, pinned Tyler DeArmitt, BB, 1:59.
120-Miller, BB, pinned Chris Gibbner, EV, 1:32; Day, MY, pinned Colby Hillegass, CR, 4:12.
126-Hetrick, MY, maj. dec. E.J. Custer, BB, 12-3; Logsdon, HY, pinned Tayte Mostoller, :26.
132-Corbin, TM, dec. Kris Knotts, CT, 14-10; Mostoller, NS, maj. dec. Caleb Grimes, BD, 12-4.
138-Lepley, NS, dec. Ejai Rock, EV, 3-0; Laue, SO, dec. Zach Dudek, BD, 7-0.
145-Eichelberger, EV, dec. Austin Connor, NS, 2-0; Lohr, SO, dec. Kyle Winegardner, CR, 3-1.
152-Otten, SH, pinned Richard Moskey, HY, 2:26; Revak, NS, dec. Trace Heffner, BB, 3-1.
160-Sollenberger, NB, dec. Josiah Koontz, BD, 5-2; Berkley, MY, pinned Ryan Shifflett, CT, 2:15.
170-Dunbar, MY, maj. dec. Ben Miller, BB, 11-1; Gibbons, EV, dec. Neil Yoder, NS, 9-6.
182-Dull, CR, pinned Andrew Gowarty, CT, 1:55; Sterling, EV, dec. Andre Dauphinais, BB, 2-1 (RO).
195-Baer, SO, dec. Stew Trulick, BB, 1-0; Lenhart, MY, pinned Brett Benedict, NS, 4;08.
220-Bennett, HY, pinned Eli Claycomb, 2:05; Fochtman, CR, dec. Pat Blough, SO, 4-2 (OT).
285-Buttry, CR, dec. Dylan Emerick, HY, 14-9; Hall, TM, pinned Ty Smith, MY, :49.

Consolation Quarterfinals
106-Warren, BD, pinned Colton Gennett, NS, 2:45; Foster, SO, pinned Pakstis, SH, 4:34.
113-Jano, SO, pinned Robby Snyder, HY, :25; DeArmitt, BB, pinned Mike Manges, SH, 4:50.
120-Gibbner, HY, pinned Jon Reynolds, SH, 2:28; Hillegass, CR, pinned Mickey Sanders, CT, 4:40.
126-Custer, BB, pinned Alex Deffibaugh, NB, 1:37; Mostoller, NS, maj. dec. Tyler Walker, SO, 10-2.
132-Corbin, TM, pinned Zach Etterman, CR, 2:49; Grimes, EV, dec. Jon Fabian, SO, 5-4.
138-Lepley, NS, dec. Taylor Cahill, CT, 9-2; Laue, SO, dec. Blake Miller, 8-6 (OT).
145-Connor, NS, pinned Cody Gibbner, HY, 3:45; Winegardner, CR, maj. dec. Jesse Martin, BD, 9-1.
152-Moskey, HY, pinned Devin Clark, BD, 1:57; Heffner, BB, pinned Dylan Shipley, NB, 2:16.
160-Koontz, BD, pinned Mason Jamieson, NS, 1:54; Shifflett, CT, pinned Cody Sheeder, EV, 4:31.
170-Miller, BB, pinned Jusdan Griffith, CT, 4:56; Yoder, NS, dec. Logan Eller, SO, 4-0.
182-Gowarty, CT, pinned Ty Mayhugh, MY, 2:39; Dauphinais, BB, dec. Duelin Douglas, NB, 4-1.
195-Trulick, BB, pinned Christian Barnhart, EV, 3:54; Lenhart, MY, inj. forfeit over Eric Grace, NB.
220-Claycomb, EV, pinned Luke Gindlesperger, CT, 2:46; Fochtman, CR, dec. Shane Supanick, NS, 3-2.
285-Emerick, HY, pinned Kody Martin, BB, 4:37; Smith, MY, pinned Robbie Mills, CT, 2:33.

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  1. Thanks for the update. May God take care of you and your family in this time of unfortunate circumstances.