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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Duals, duals, duals

OK, so the title isn't as catchy as "Girls, Girls, Girls," but you get the point.
Today is all about dual-meet tournaments, with the well-established Richland Coaches Duals and the inaugural Mountaineer Duals. I wrote about them for The Tribune-Democrat today.
I'm really torn as to which I want to see more. District 5 teams Chestnut Ridge, HOPE for Hyndman and the host team are in Berlin as well as three out-of-state teams. I'd guess that Chestnut Ridge will be in the championship, but they won't face Berlin thanks to an agreement to avoid a repeat of Thursday's showdown.
Meanwhile, Richland includes a ton of teams from my coverage area, although the favorites - probably Blairsville and Kittanning - are from outside of my coverage area.Those pools are in the story I wrote for today's Tribune-Democrat and linked to above.
My game plan at the moment is to head down to Berlin, which begins at 9, and catch some of the early action. The pools are set, but the individual matches won't be determined until this morning. I hope to stay there for a few hours, then head back up Route 219 to get to Richland for the afternoon action there.
Hopefully I can get some photos/stories for The Tribune-Democrat in time for me to make to the Johnstown Tomahawks game tonight.
I'll try to post some info from each location when I get it.


  1. I just read the story about the Richland Duals on the Tribune's website. It was very good insight, and the comment from Mr. Naglic about wanting to change to a 30 or so team individual tournament would be great, but so many of the teams that were traditionally in the Richland Duals are also in the Thomas Tourney the next week. Unless Richland would be willing to change the date of their tourney, its hard to imagine those teams would want to wrestle individual tourneys with many of the same teams in back to back weekends. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, I just hope this doesn't end up taking anything away from the Thomas Tourney.

  2. Good point, Bedford fan. I don't want to put words in Mike's mouth, but the impression that I got from him was that he'd like to make a really elite event, bringing teams from all over the state and possibly eastern U.S., not just the area. But again, that was just the impression that I got from quotes that I did not use. I don't have anything concrete to back that up. I'll ask him about it when I get a chance.