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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mountaineer Duals

The inaugural Mountaineer Duals at Berlin Brothersvalley featured a couple of really good teams and some really bad ones. Chestnut Ridge and host Berlin each went unbeaten on the day and outscored their competition by nearly 300 points on the day. I covered it for The Tribune-Democrat and explain there why the teams didn't wrestle one another.
Even some of the blowout duals had some interesting matches. One of the biggest surprises for me was how Southern Huntingdon's Brennon Shields dominated Trent Crouse in their dual. I didn't get to see the match, but at 11-1 it looks like Shields was in total control. Also in that dual, Dison Myers beat Derrick Claar 2-0.
The anticipated matchup between Ridge's Dan Albright and HOPE for Hyndman's James Bennett never materialized, as Bennett weighed in at 195 and pinned Brad Winegardner.
I did see the Lions' 55-9 victory over Osbourn Park (Va.), which was probably the third-best team in the event. The Yellow Jackets had a returning state champ in 113-pounder, but Ridge's Blake Dunlap did a nice job against him, losing just 8-3. Osbourn Park's other stud, Alex Gowers beat Conner Buttry 8-1 at 160, although that score is misleading. It was 2-1 in the third period, when Buttry let him up to try to tie it but gave up a late takedown and three backpoints.
Below is a list of all of the dual-meet scoes, with links to NWCA boxes where available, and complete results for Chestnut Ridge and Berlin Brothersvalley, if I could get them.
Placement Matches
Chestnut Ridge 69, Centreville (Va.) 0
220-Dan Albright, CR, pinned Jordan Brooks, 1:36.
285-Austin Buttry, CR, pinned Jason Park, 5:59.
106-Aaron Burkett, CR, dec. Victor Echerveria, 7-4.
113-Blake Dunlap, CR, pinned Chung Do Kim, 3:49.
120-Sam Shank, CR, pinned Michael Vu, 1:09.
126-Derrick Claar, CR, pinned Nicholas Echeveria, 3:00.
132-Trent Crouse, CR, pinned Akash Singh, 1:05.
138-Colby Hillegass, CR, pinned Solomon Green, 3:35.
145-Jerimiah Zimmerman, CR, pinned Connor Mitchell, :43.
152-Kyle Winegardner, CR, dec. Will Fulton, 8-4.
160-Conner Buttry, CR, dec. Dillon Dull, 4-2.
170-Bradie Bollman, CR, pinned Michael Seneca, 1:50.
182-Tyler Dibert, CR, dec. Tyler Love, 4-0.
195-Brad Winegardner, CR, dec. Joey Steinbach, 5-2.

Berlin Brothersvalley 55, Osbourn Park (Va.) 21
220-Anthony Collins, BB, forfeit.
285-Mitchell Walker, BB, pinned Nick Branca, 1:03.
106-Timothy Stallings, OP, pinned Emil Kiesnowski, 2:30.
113-Sean Badua, OP, pinned Tyler DeArmitt, :25.
120-Joe Swank, BB, pinned Angelo Enclavea, 3:45.
126-E.J. Custer, BB, pinned Desmond Torres-Brittain, 3:00.
132-Chris Miller, BB, pinned Nicholas Spencer, 1:27.
138-Braden Fochtman, BB, pinned David Sniffen, :45.
145-Eric Darr, BB, pinned Andrew Hill, 1:20.
152-Blake Miller, BB, maj. dec. Duane Stever, 11-0.
160-Bryce Fochtman, BB, dec. Alex Gowers, 6-5.
170-Peter Roush, OP, dec. Trevor Moore, 4-2 (OP).
182-Nick Cooper, OP, pinned Shane Pepper, 3:33.
195-Stew Trulick, BB, pinned Caleb Curtis, 3:39.

Southern Huntingdon 57, Archbishop Wood 23
Bellwood-Antis 48, HOPE for Hyndman 22
Frankfort (W.Va.) 51, West Shamokin 16

Note: Berlin Brothersvalley went 5-0 but finished second rather than wrestle Chestnut Ridge for the second time in three days.
Berlin Brothersvalley 49, Centreville 15
Bellwood-Antis 60, Frankfort (W.Va.) 21
Centreville (Va.) 63, Archbishop Wood 16
Berlin Brothersvalley 75, Bellwood-Antis 3
170-Trevor Moore, BB, pinned Michael Decker, 1:16.
182-Shane Pepper, BB, pinned Bruce Knisely, :57.
195-Stew Trulick, BB, pinned Ethan Hunger, 1:00.
220-Mitchell Walker, BB, pinned Keith Shawley, 3:23.
285-Anthony Collins, BB, pinned Ryan Bouslough, :38.
106-Emil Kiesnowski, BB, forfeit.
113-Tommy DeArmitt, BB, pinned Justin Grassmyer, 5:52.
120-Joe Swank, BB, forfeit.
126-E.J. Custer, BB, pinned Josh Wilson, 1:07.
132-Chris Miller, BB, pinned Jonathan Waite, 1:07.
138-Braden Fochtman, BB, pinned Jaret Dicken, :55.
145-Eric Mock, BB, pinned Zack Mock, 1:04.
152-Jeremy Wilson, BA, dec. Blake Miller, 10-8.
160-Bryce Fochtman, BB, dec. Nick Torsell, 7-2.
Berlin Brothersvalley 75, Frankfort (W.Va.) 6
Berlin Brothersvalley 76, Archbishop Wood 6
195-Stew Trulick, BB, pinned Nolan Murt, :27.
220-Mitchell Walker, BB, pinned John-Patrick Rosney, :46.
285-Anthony Collins, BB, forfeit.
106-John Fasti, AW, pinned Emil Kiesnowski, 3:13.
113-Tommy DeArmitt, BB, forfeit.
120-Joe Swank, BB, pinned George Frattara, 1:20.
126-E.J. Custer, BB, pinned Tyler Gillick, :45.
132-Chris Miller, BB, forfeit.
138-Braden Fochtman, BB, pinned Kevin Kinkade, 1:05.
145-Eric Darr, BB, pinned Michael McGee, 2:50.
152-Blake Miller, BB, pinned Derek McDermott, 1:13.
160-Bryce Fochtman, BB, maj. Vincent DiRienzo, 18-7.
170-Trevor Moore, BB, Kevin Bongarzone, 1:29.
182-Shane Pepper, BB, pinned Justin Gannon, :32.
Centreville (Va.) 84, Frankfort (W.Va.) 0

Pool A Standings
Berlin Brothersvalley......4-0
Centreville (Va.)............3-1
Archbishop Wood.........1-3
Frankfort (W.Va.).........0-4
Pool B
Osbourn Park (Va.) 79, West Shamokin 0
Southern Huntingdon 55, HOPE for Hyndman 24
Chestnut Ridge 83, West Shamokin 0
160-Conner Buttry, CR, pinned Brendan Glover, 2:48.
170-Bradie Bollman, CR, forfeit.
182-Tyler Dibert, CR, forfeit.
195-Brad Winegardner, CR, forfeit.
220-Dan Albright, CR, forfeit.
285-Austin Buttry, CR, forfeit.
106-Aaron Burkett, CR, forfeit.
113-Blake Dunlap, CR, pinned Brian Lukehart, :34.
120-Sam Shank, CR, forfeit.
126-Derrick Claar, CR, tech. fall David Batistig, no score or time available.
132-Trent Crouse, CR, pinned Alex Boyer, :50.
138-Colby Hillegass, CR, forfeit.
145-Jerimiah Zimmerman, CR, forfeit.
152-Kyle Winegardner, CR, pinned Brian Brown, 5:07.
Osbourn Park (Va.) 50, Southern Huntingdon 25
HOPE for Hyndman 36, West Shamokin 12
Chestnut Ridge 55, Osbourn Park (Va.) 9
170-Bradie Bollman, CR, pinned Peter Roush, 1:42.
182-Tyler Dibert, CR, pinned Nick Cooper, 1:17.
195-Brad Winegardner, CR, dec. Caleb Curtis, 2-1 (TB).
220-Dan Albright, CR, inj. def. over Mac McDonald, 1:42.
285-Austin Buttry, CR, pinned Nick Branca, 1:08.
106-Aaron Burkett, CR, maj. dec. Timothy Stallings, 12-0.
113-Sean Badua, OP, dec. Blake Dunlap, 8-3.
120-Sam Shank, CR, dec. Angelo Eclavea, 6-0.
126-Derrick Claar, CR, pinned Desmond Brittain-Torres, 3:16.
132-Trent Crouse, CR, pinned Nicholas Spencer, :58.
138-David Sniffen, 7-4.
145-Jerimiah Zimmerman, CR, pinned Andrew Hill, 1:14.
152-Kyle Winegardner, CR, dec. Duane Stever, 6-2.
160-Alex Gowers, CR, dec. Conner Buttry, 8-1.
Southern Huntingdon 72, West Shamokin 12
Chestnut Ridge 68, HOPE for Hyndman 9
182-Tyler Dibert, CR, forfeit.
195-James Bennett, H, pinned Brad Winegardner, 2:44.
220-Dan Albright, CR, forfeit.
285-Austin Buttry, CR, forfeit.
106-Aaron Burkett, CR, pinned Tanner Clites, 1:55.
113-Blake Dunlap, CR, maj. dec. Robby Snyder, 11-3.
120-Sam Shank, CR, forfeit.
126-Derrick Claar, CR, pinned Chris Gibbner, 2:52.
132-Trent Crouse, CR, forfeit.
138-Colby Hillegass, CR, forfeit.
145-Jerimiah Zimmerman, CR, forfeit.
152-Kyle Winegardner, CR, maj. dec. Tyler Clites, 13-1.
160-Richard Moskey, CR, dec. Conner Buttry, 7-2.
170-Bradie Bollman, CR, pinned Steven Miller, 1:50.
Osbourn Park (Va.) 54, HOPE for Hyndman 18
Chestnut Ridge 52, Southern Huntingdon 13
195-Brad Winegardner, CR, pinned Casey Carowick, 1:49.
220-John Heming, CR, dec. Cole Herrington, 8-2.
285-Austin Buttry, CR, pinned Cody Herrington, 1:26.
106-Luke Hobson, CR, pinned Dalton Erb, :23
113-Dustin Ickes, CR, pinned Brandon Erb, 4:46.
120-Quentin Whitsel, SH, dec. Blake Dunlap, 5-3.
126-Dison Myers, SH, dec. Derrick Claar, 2-0.
132-Brennon Shields, SH, maj. dec. Trent Crouse, 11-1.
138-Dustin Bence, CR, maj. dec. Nevin Love, 8-0.
145-Ben Clark, CR, pinned Warren Benson, 1:35.
152-Kyle Winegardner, CR, forfeit.
160-Conner Buttry, CR, dec. Chad Waite, 4-0.
170-Scott Carbaugh, CR, dec. Teddy Albright, 7-5.
182-Tyler Dibert, CR, pinned Codi Harkleroad, :29.

Pool B Standings
Chestnut Ridge..............4-0
Osbourn Park (Va.).......3-1
Southern Huntingdon.....2-2
Hope for Hyndman........1-3
West Shamokin.............0-4

Quick scouting reports, with team wrestlers and some standouts, records entering the day and weights are as listed on NWCA site:
Archbishop Wood (3-5) - Chad Haegel (113) 17-2; Jake Cooper (220) was a state qualifier last year, but has not wrestled this year and did not weigh in.
Bellwood-Antis (1-8) - Keith Shawley (220) 7-2; Jeremy Wilson (152) 8-6.
Berlin Brothersvalley (5-1) -E.J. Custer (126) 13-5; Braden Fochtman (138) 14-5; Bryce Fochtman (160) 16-2; Blake Miller (145) 14-6; Chris Miller (132) 17-2; Joe Swank (120) 16-3; Stew Trulick (195) 17-3; Mitchell Walker (220) 10-5.
Chestnut Ridge
Centreville (Va.) (4-4) - Victor Echeveria (113) 14-4; Tyler Love (182) 13-4; Joey Steinbach (195) 14-3.
Chestnut Ridge (13-1) - Dan Albright (220) 14-1; Bradie Bollman (170) 14-1; Aaron Burkett (106) 12-2; Austin Butry (285) 15-0; Connor Buttry (152) 7-2; Derrick Claar (126) 15-2; Trent Crouse (132) 15-2; Tyler Dibert (182) 14-2; Brad Winegardner (195) 12-1.
Frankfort (W.Va.) 0-2 - NWCA site only has two matches listed for them, both against HOPE for Hyndman and Tom Elling's Pennsylvania Wrestling Handbook doesn't have 2011-12 records.
HOPE for Hyndman (10-6) James Bennett (220) 22-1; Tanner Clites (106) 14-9; Steven Miller (170) 13-7; Richard Moskey (160) 21-6; Robby Snyder (106) 19-7.  Not entered - Dylan Emerick (220) 15-4.
Osbourn Park (Va.) 22-5 - Sean Badua (113) 34-5; Austin Conrow (145) 21-7; Nick Cooper (17) 24-8; Matthew Dromazos (132) 28-12; Alex Gowers (160) 31-2; Mac McDonald (220) 30-10; David Sniffen (138) 26-12; Duane Stever (152) 15-6; Desmond Brittain-Torres (126) 24-11.
Southern Huntingdon (2-14) - Dison Myers (126) 12-3;  Brennon Shields (132) 9-0; Chad Waite (160) 7-2; Quentin Whitesel (120) 12-3.
West Shamokin (0-9) - Brendan Glover (160) 6-3. Only five wrestlers weighed in.


  1. Do you have a CR/Osbourne Park score?

  2. Can you post the results by weight of the ridge and hyndman match

  3. Ridge put a beatdown on Osbourn Park. The Virginia school had studs at 113 and 160, but neither could get a major. I was taking photos and not writing down individual results, but I'm thinking the only other Ridge loss might have been Hillegass. (I apologize in advance to Colby if I'm wrong about that). I was also sitting behind the scoreboard.
    As far as the individual results, I was able to get the first Berlin one because they had a break after their first-round match, but I wasn't able to get caught up on any other Ridge or Berlin matches because they were going straight through after that. I'll probably have to wait until they're posted on NWCA to get full results.

  4. I did ask Ryan Spring about the potential Albright-Bennett match, but it didn't happen. He said Bennett went at 195 and pinned Winegardner.

  5. what about shields for southern huntingdon on your scouting report

  6. Definitely should have been on there. I had been told earlier that he had been out and somehow overlooked him when I browsed the NWCA site. He's the best on Southern Huntingdon and arguably the best in the tournament.

  7. thanx Eric i appreciate that (proud parent) love your blogspot