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Monday, January 21, 2013

Thomas Automotive Tournament preview

Here's an early look at this weekend's tournament in Bedford. I'll update some of the info once I get the seedings.

What: Thomas Automotive Tournament.

Where: Bedford High School.

When: Friday - beginning at 10:30 a.m. with quarterfinals at 5:30 p.m.
Saturday - 9 a.m. with semifinals at 10:30 (approximately), consolation finals at 4 p.m. and finals at 5:30 p.m. (approximately).

Who's in: Meyersdale, South Fayette.

Who's out: None.

Familiar faces: Bedford, Berlin Brothersvalley, Beth-Center, Blairsville, Cambria Heights, Central, Chestnut Ridge, Claysburg-Kimmel, Conemaugh Township, Everett, Huntingdon, Jefferson-Morgan, Mount Pleasant, Newport, North Star, Northern Bedford, Northern Garrett (Md.), Penn Cambria, Richland, Shade, Somerset, Tri-Valley, Tussey Mountain, Tyrone and West Branch.

Seedings: TBD.

Returning champions: 106-Caleb Bordner, Tri-Valley; 113-Trent Crouse, Chestnut Ridge; 126-Joe Davis, Cambria Heights; 145-Tanner Cahill, Conemaugh Township; 152-Ty Schoffstall, Tri-Valley; 170-Dustin Conti, Jefferson-Morgan; 182-Michael Brett, Bedford; 195-Dan Albright, Chestnut Ridge.

Weight to watch: TBD.

Name to know: TBD.

State-ranked wrestlers with Off the Mat (OTR) and PA Power (PAP) rankings
106-Jon Gabriel, Bedford (5 OTR, 6 OTR); Colin Glorioso, Huntingdon (7 OTR, 8 OTR); Brendan Howard, Jefferson-Morgan (10 OTR, 5 PAP);

113-Billy Charlton, Meyerdale (16 OTR), Seth Carr, South Fayette (6 OTR at 120, 5 PAP), Kale Burkett, Central (21 PAP).

120-Zach Swarrow, Beth-Center (11 OTR, 8 PAP), Josh Brown, Claysburg-Kimmel (13 OTR, 13 PAP), Caleb Bordner, Tri-Valley (7 PAP), John Demaske, Jefferson-Morgan (16 PAP).

126-Ryan Easter, Bedford (6 OTR, 6 PAP); Derrick Claar, Chestnut Ridge (10 OTR, 16 PAP); Collin Day, Meyersdale (10 PAP); Brad Thomas, Cambria Heights (17 PAP); Jason Schopp, Tyrone (19 PAP).

132-Garrett Thomas, Bedford (9 OTR, 16 PAP); Chris Miller, Berlin Brothersvalley (13 PAP); Mason Replogle, Northern Bedford (15 PAP); J.P. Hayles, West Branch (17 PAP); Tanner Hetrick, Meyersdale (19 PAP); Joe Davis, Cambria Heights (20 PAP).

138-Noah Tarr, Blairsville (4 OTR, 7 PAP); Jason Miller, Jefferson-Morgan (11 OTR, 6 PAP at 132); Hunter Harner, Tri-Valley (13 OTR, 12 PAP); Toby Brett, Bedford (13 PAP); Damian Corle, Northern Bedford (14 PAP); Patrick Bumbarger, West Branch (16 PAP).

145-Blake Bowman, Tri-Valley (6 OTR, 6 PAP); Tanner Cahill, Conemaugh Township (11 OTR, 11 PAP); Drew Gartland, Northern Bedford (16 OTR, 10 OTR), Seth Deist, Meyersdale (HM PAP).

152-Drew Doak, Blairsville (3 OTR, 4 PAP); Grant Fetchet, South Fayette (13 OTR, 10 OTR); Bobby Long, Mount Pleasant (15 OTR), Ty Schoffstall, Tri-Valley (3 PAP), Ethan Charlesworth, Mount Pleasant (15 PAP); Taylor Cahill, Conemaugh Township (16 PAP).

160-Jared Walker, South Fayette (9 OTR, 7 PAP); Tanner Williams, Bedford (13 OTR); Bryce Fochtman, Berlin Brothersvalley (15 PAP).

170-Michael Fetchet, South Fayette (2 OTR, 2 PAP); Bradie Bollman, Chestnut Ridge (8 OTR, 4 OTR); Billy Dunbar, Meyersdale (9 OTR, 12 PAP); Bobby Thompson, Blairsville (17 PAP); Nico Pecora, Richland (18 PAP).

182-Dustin Conti, Jefferson-Morgan (3 OTR, 5 PAP); Tyler Dibert, Chestnut Ridge (6 OTR, 9 PAP); Jared Beckwith, Tyrone (8 OTR, 11 PAP); Lyle Troutman, Tri-Valley (16 OTR, 14 PAP); Scott Thompson, Blairsville (6 PAP) INJURED; Gavin Berkley, Meyersdale (HM PAP).

195-Jacob Nickelson, Somerset (5 OTR, 4 PAP); Dan Albright, Chestnut Ridge (9 OTR, 9 PAP at 220); Eli Holt, Mount Pleasant (7 PAP); D.J. Wundber, Tyrone (11 PAP).

220-Reynold Maines, West Branch (11 OTR, 11 PAP); Mitchell Walker, Berlin Brothersvalley (18 PAP); Levi Albright, North Star (19 PAP).

285-Austin Buttry, Chestnut Ridge (5 OTR, 5 PAP); Morgan Selepack, West Branch (10 OTR, 11 PAP); Mitchell Hall, Tussey Mountain (13 PAP), Aaron Gill, Cambria Heights (15 PAP); Justin Dunmeyer, Meyersdale (18 PAP); Robbie Mills, Conemaugh Township (19 PAP).

State-ranked teams
Chestnut Ridge (2 OTR, 8 PAP)
West Branch (8 OTR, 12 PAP)
South Fayette (13 OTR)
Bedford (14 OTR, 13 PAP)
Berlin Brothersvalley (22 OTR, 20 PAP)
Blairsville (15 PAP)
Huntingdon (25 PAP)

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