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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Previewing this week's Chestnut Ridge-Berlin match

There's a big District 5 on Thursday night at Berlin, where Berlin Brothersvalley (No. 23 in the latest edition of Off the Mat Ratings) hosts No. 2 Chestnut Ridge.
Here's a link to my recap from last year's meeting.
I'm hoping to be at the match but I can't do as much leading up to it as I'd like to, so I've turned to new Knop's Knotes contributor Odoyel Rules, who will do the heavy lifting for me. He's broken down the dual weight by weight and gives us his prediction. Just remember, this is one man's opinion and isn't meant to disparage any wrestlers.
Berlin wrestlers are listed first.
Emil Kiesnowski (Fr., 4-10) vs. Aaron Burkett (Fr., 10-2) or Luke Hobson (So., 2-0).
Odoyel says: Kiesnowski hasn't performed to Burkett's level this year. I think we'll see a fall here.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 6, Berlin 0.

Tommy DeArmitt (Jr., 8-7) vs. Blake Dunlap (Fr., 3-0) or Dustin Ickes (Jr., 3-5)
Odoyel says: DeArmitt is an average wrestler who recently avenged an earlier loss to HOPE for Hyndman's Robbie Snyder, who is now 16-4. DeArmitt should get a victory her over either opponent.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 6, Berlin 3.

Joe Swank (Fr., 14-3) vs. Sam Shank (Jr., 8-6)
Odoyel says: Swank was a much-heralded freshman who has not disappointed this year. I'll guess that Shank is experienced enough to avoid giving up the fall. Swank by major decision.
Team score: Berlin 7, Chestnut Ridge 6.

E.J. Custer (Jr., 12-4) vs. No. 9 Derrick Claar (So., 13-2)
Odoyel says: Custer is a talented wrestler who, in my opinion, needs a signature win. He'll have that opportunity against Claar, a returning D5 champion with a bigger resume of beating quality opponents. I'll go with Claar winning by decision.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 9, Berlin 7.

Chris Miller (Sr., 16-1) vs. Trent Crouse (So., 13-2)
Odoyel says: Probably the highlight match of the night. Miller has crushed the competition this year, with only three of his wins coming via decision. Crouse has also performed well this year, defeating all of his opponents aside from those from D5 Bedford County schools. Miller won a 3-2 squeaker between these two last year. I'll predict a similar result this year.
Team score: Berlin 10, Chestnut Ridge 9.

Braden Fochtman (Fr., 12-5) vs. Colby Hillegass (So., 9-6)
Odoyel says: Fochtman has a pair of four-point losses to North Star's Tevin Mostoller while Hillegass lost his one matchup with the Cougar. The Berlin freshman should get the victory here.
Team score: Berlin 13, Chestnut Ridge 9.

Eric Darr (Sr., 8-8) vs. Dustin Bence (Sr., 8-3) or Jerimiah Zimmerman (Sr., 2-2)
Odoyel says: Darr has faced a tough schedule and I'd say he'd be in a tossup match if he faced Bence. I'd guess though that Zimmerman gets the call. His biggest problem has been his health, but if he's able to go, then he's the favorite for this matchup. His loss to undefeated Drew Gartland of Northern Bedford was the Panther's second-closest match of the season.
Team score: Berlin 13, Chestnut Ridge 12

Blake Miller (Sr., 12-6) vs. Connor Buttry (Fr., 6-1), Ben Clark (Jr., 3-6) or Kyle Winegardner (Jr., 8-6).
Odoyel says: Miller is a quality wrestler, perhaps coming off his biggest win of the year, a 13-10 win over Corey Fritch of North Star. I'd guess that Winegardner gets the call for Chestnut Ridge here, he topped Miller 5-4 last year. I'll predict another close victory for him.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 15, Berlin 13

Bryce Fochtman (So., 14-2) vs. Teddy Albright (Sr., 2-1)
Odoyel says: Fochtman has cruised this season, losing only to top-six ranked OTM wrestlers and recently had a nice win over Richard Moskey over HOPE for Hyndman. He is not particularly a pinner, however, so I'll predict a major decision victory, likely over one of the 152-pound wrestlers. I'll guess Buttry.
Team score: Berlin 17, Chestnut Ridge 15

Trevor Moore (So., 5-9) vs. No. 9 Bradie Bollman (Sr., 12-1)
Odoyel says: Moore is an inexperience sophomore who is still trying to find his way. Unfortunately for him, he'll likely face Bollman, who has already accumulated eight first-period falls this year. Moore would be fortunate to make it to the second period.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 21, Berlin 17

Shane Pepper (So., 7-8) vs. No. 7 Tyler Dibert (Sr., 12-2)
Odoyel says: Same situation as 170, just replace the names.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 27, Berlin 17

Stew Trulick (Jr., 16-2) vs. Marcus Grisetti (Jr., 0-2) or Brad Winegradner (Sr., 10-1)
Odoyel says: Both Trulick and Winegardner have raced out to great starts this year. However, I'm not convinced that either has really faced elite competition. I'll give Trulick the edge in this matchup.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 27, Berlin 20

Anthony Collins (Fr., 3-0) or Mitchell Walker (Sr., 10-4) vs. No. 10 Dan Albright (Sr., 12-1)
Odoyel says: Walker has been impressive in his return from injury that ended his 2011-12 season. Albright has mostly breezed through his competition this year and has a hard-fought 6-2 win over NBC's Eric Grace to his credit. I'll go with Albright to win this matchup.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 30, Berlin 20

Collins or Walker vs. No. 5 Austin Buttry (Jr., 13-0) or Dylan Price (So., 0-1)
Odoyel says: Walker had a narrow victory over Buttry last year, but if a rematch were to occur, I'd favor the Chestnut Ridge stalwart. I'm guessing that Berlin coach Jason Cornell would like Walker's chances better at the lower weight.
Team score: Chestnut Ridge 36, Berlin 20

What's your opinion on how the match will go? Feel free to make your prediction in the comments section.

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